Small Business Write off by Oil Land Management Company Razor Resources by Ramon De Hoyos - Tax write off incentives companies can make. With the oil and gas industry reaching record lows, oil landman Ramon De Hoyos talks about sustaining a business among falling energy prices. He talks about the economic effect on smaller oil producing countries. De Hoyos is a rising young talent who stands out with an optimistic voice within the turbulent energy business sector. After striking oil using new inside technology, Ramon De Hoyos gives insight on new oil drilling methods as well as gives a synopsis of some of the services provided by Razor Resources. Ramon De Hoyos has established himself as an up-and-coming entreprenuer in the midwest with a positive attitude and hardworking mentality.

The oil and gas industry is broken down and divided into three categories. 1) Upstream is the exploration and production 2) Midstream is the transportation of tankers and/ or pipelines that carry the crude oil to a refineries.

What we do on a rate of return is high. We are drilling wells upwards of millions of dollars. You can make a great return on your investment.

If you're interested in investing in the oil and gas industry just look into the huge tax breaks. 100% written off incentives along with your 7 year schedule and write offs.

What being an Entrepreneur Means - short excerpt by Ramon De Hoyos - talking with The Business Experience Show.  

How to Better yourself on a daily basis as an entrepreneur Setting Goals is Important - for the full interview go to:

The Business Experience Show Full Interview -- In our interview with Ramon De Hoyos we learn more about the business of acquiring and managing land mineral rights for oil exploration. As an oil land man, he helps customers exploit potentially lucrative rights for oil drilling. De Hoyos also works with investors seeking to take advantage of generous tax write-off incentives and possible high returns.

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